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2021 Rural Hospital Replacement Study Results

Bringing National Buying Power to Rural Communities

StroudwaterGCL works with rural hospitals to help them not only identify but also execute on funding high-impact rural health investments. Through a combination of strategic advisory services and access to capital through the USDA Community Facilities program, StroudwaterGCL helps rural healthcare clients access capital quickly and with attractive terms.

Improving Access to Care Through Facility Planning & Building


StroudwaterGCL combines the nation’s leading strategic advisor to rural hospitals and health systems, Stroudwater Associates, with the top USDA lender in the country, Greater Commercial Lending. Together, this partnership brings an unrivaled track record of capabilities and expertise to every rural hospital and health system. With a vision of reinventing rural healthcare, StroudwaterGCL provides the ability to invest in needed infrastructure with innovative and efficient facilities and recapitalize rural health systems, so they improve the health of the communities they serve.
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Greater Commercial Lending


Brian Haapala

CEO, StroudwaterGCL

Brian Haapala, MHSA, FACHE, has served as a trusted advisor to health executives and Boards of Directors for over 20 years with a focus on developing sustainable healthcare systems, from operational and financial improvement to capital investment. Over his career, Brian has led hundreds of clients projects in strategic facilities master planning, strategic planning, turnarounds, and affiliation engagements for clients in every region of the country. He is passionate about securing capital investments to modernize the aging rural healthcare infrastructure and increase high quality, high value services for rural people and places.

Jeremy Gilpin

Executive Vice President of Greater Commercial Lending

With a background that includes more than two decades in the banking industry, Jeremy has extensive experience delivering guaranteed lending through the USDA B&I, REAP, FSA, USDA 9003, IRP, RLF, and SBA programs. Throughout the past 20 years, he has closed and serviced more than $900 million in loans. As head of the Greater Commercial Lending team, Jeremy directs all aspects of this division in providing lending solutions to companies. Prior, he had led the development and implementation of all commercial services for Greater Nevada Credit Union, the largest USDA business lender in the U.S.

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